Menu an exciting Social Enterprise that began in October 2016 at Stó:lō Nation’s Vedder Road site. Thanks to a Partnership-Based Labour Market Training Project funded by the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Relief, this project supports workers interested in training in Warehousing and on sophisticated, computer-based light manufacturing equipment while also supporting indigenous artists.

The project involves training eligible participants, at the Sto:lo Nation Vedder Rd. location,  to make multi-use of First Nations art designs by creating t-shirts, mugs and other collectible items featuring the work of local artists. Local artists, who have joined nations creations in a royalty based agreement, will receive a royalty for each item sold with their design, the remainder of the proceeds will return to the social enterprise to employ more workers in the manufacturing and sales.

EXCITING NEWS an excited to partner with the BC Economic Development Association in a project to raise fund for communities that were effected by the fires of 2017. Four of our Artists have created unique designs that you can purchase on Prints, clothing and other items with Net proceeds all going to a fund for the effected communities.  Visit our Fire Relief page for more information.




New! Canvas Prints

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February 28th is Anti-Bullying, Pink Shirt Day!  

Think pink, share the message that every person deserves respect and bullying in any form is not accepted.

T-Shirts are $20 each with $5 of each T-shirt sold going to the Stó:lō Youth Mentorship Program.

Nations Creations Artist Bon Graham has created the 2018 design "Expect Respect".


wild fire designs

My inspiration for this design is a phoenix rising from the ashes. The dots are the ashes leading to the tree line, as the phoenix rises from the ashes, lifted and surrounded by helping hands in support of all those affected by the wildfires.

I made the shape to represent a water drop, inside the drop is a forest fire with a haze of smoke in a valley. In every forest fire any day of rain is a blessing. Here the cloud is showing its emotions to the fire and devastation and crying tears of rain that will help put the fires out. During the fires the homes and lives are affected of the living creatures of the forest but with time new growth will return to allow life to return and flourish.

The design is titled “rebirth”. The pinecone sprouts are activated by flames. The flames redefine the forest, burning it down while starting pinecones. Rerouting streams and rivers. The forest land animals, salmon, and eagle are represented by the flames. Inside the eagle is salmon, inside, inside salmon is eagle.

 Inspired by the community in which I was born and raised; the small town of Lillooet, BC, which has been devastated by wildfires for years. Many of my Friends and Family members have spent countless hours helping put these fires out while putting their own lives at risk. I created this piece with the message that when we work together we can help rebuild communities and through the ashes of the devastation, new growth will emerge.