2019 Orange T-Shirt "Drying the Tears" Adult sizing

In reconciliation and rememberance of residential school survivors and for those who did not. Drying the tears design was drawn by artist Jason Roberts. The inspiration for his work was the elders strength to overcome the hardships of residential school.  As children they were taken away from their families, many suffering abuse and trauma. Children then deeply scarred, they are now our strong elders showing the future generations we can overcome adversity and prosper.

In the design you see children wearing drab clothing assigned to them, sobbing as they have had their braids cut off. The cut braids are symbolic to having their identity of culture, language, home and family taken away. The elders surrounding that image shows the strength of a survivor, showing their braids as their identity and strength.

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  • 2 Extra Large + $2.50 (CAD)
  • 3 Extra Large
  • 4 Extra Large + $5.00 (CAD)
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