Nations Creations Participants

We are seeking 12 E.I. Eligible (on EI or reachback) people to participate in the training component, for which they will receive accredited certificate training, a work experience and assistance with job placement.

The first step for the participants was to learn how to manage designs.  Change the size; file type; even file format. Because all of the equipment we’re using, start with a digital image.

Our Participants are learning to use Manufacturing equipment such as:

  • Laser Etcher
  • Embroidery Machine
  • Direct to Garment Press (which is essentially a new technology Silk Screen Machine)
  • High Quality White Printer for printing Textile Transfers to go on Garments (such as Shirts) or (Glassware such as Mugs) or even Ball Caps
  • Production Printer; (to Make Cards or Prints)
  • Pretreatment Machine for garments (is like priming drywall before you paint a wall)

The Skills the Participants learn include:

  • The safety aspects of operating the equipment
  • How to clean and maintain the equipment
  • How to use

These skills are transferable to other types of equipment in other workplace settings.